Frequently Asked Questions


What is CoursePeer?

CoursePeer offers a suite of scalable social learning, intranet, assessment and accreditation cloud solutions. The company's cloud solutions combine blended learning, video, quizzes, and live interactions with a social network that allows people to interact. The academic version is targeted at universities and enables professors to deliver content and assess program accreditation and students to communicate. The corporate version seamlessly offers employee training, certification, intranet and long-term advanced performance assessment.

How much does it cost?

CoursePeer is FREE for individual instructors searching for an online platform to host and create online communities for their courses. For corporates or academic institutions, please contact us to receive more details on pricing plans.

Do you provide support?

Yes, we provide two types of support plans: FREE and Premium (contact us for more details). Those include support for any kind of bug fixing and issues that might arise while you are using the platform. Our team of monkeys (who happen to be highly qualified engineers, too!) does its best to provide you with the best user experience. Try them and see how fast they respond!

How secure is CoursePeer and what security measures do you follow?

Users' information is stored securely. Passwords are encrypted in a multi-tier encryption cycles, which is industry's latest security standard.
Browsing the platform is secured using 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Can I use CoursePeer along with Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as BlackBoard and Moodle?

Yes, CoursePeer is compatible with the major Learning Management Systems. Our export functionalities allow you to generate reports and grade sheets that could can be imported into your LMS.

How easy is it to set up my course on CoursePeer?

To setup a course on CoursePeer, you just need to sign up. This takes less than a minute. A step-by-step guide walks you through the process.
Once logged in, adding a course is as simple as finding it in our database. If your course is not in our database, just click the suggest button and we will add it within hours. We will then notify you once the course is ready for you to setup.

Will I find it easy to get used to CoursePeer; I am not the most tech-savvy person and have never used any Learning Management System before?

CoursePeer has a very easy-to-use, friendly interface. Icons and buttons are clearly labeled, and hovering the mouse over a button reveals a description of what that button does.

Do I need my school's IT department involved to start using CoursePeer?

No. CoursePeer is a cloud-based platform; no special hardware or software is required - just your favorite web-browser and an internet connection. This eliminates the cost of infrastructure and support while providing your students with the fastest user experience possible.

Can I recycle my course on CoursePeer for another Semester?

By the end of 2012 we will be introducing a Backup and Restore tool, which will enable you to duplicate your course for future semesters while migrating specific students' contributions.

Can I assign sections and divisions to my course?

Yes, you can create sections and divisions for your course, and assign your students and Teaching Assistants (TAs) accordingly, with all the appropriate permissions.

Getting Started

How do I invite my students?

Super easy! Head to your course page, click the Settings tab in the toolbar, and copy the link provided there. You can then mail the link to your students. Once they click the link, CoursePeer will ask them to sign up first (if they are not CoursePeer members already) and will auto-enroll them in your course. In the Settings tabs, you can decide whether you would like to make your course private or public.

What if one of my students gave the course link to one of his friends who is not a real member of my course? How can I make sure my course is private?

CoursePeer provides a tool that allows you to restrict course access to students whose CoursePeer Student IDs you authorize.

Can I assign Teaching Assistants to my courses?

Currently, you just need to ask your TAs to sign up and subscribe to your course, and the CoursePeer Team will add them within hours to the system. We are working on making the invitation process easier and faster and to eliminate the need for our support team to be involved.

Do I need to download anything?

No, CoursePeer is a cloud-based platform, and you don't need to download any applications or purchase any hardware to get started.

How can I switch between my courses?

You just need to click on the Courses button which appears at the upper right side of the page (after login) to see the courses that you are enrolled in.

Account Management

I can't log in. What do I do?

Click on the Forgot your password? button next to the Login button. You will then be given instructions on how to reset your password. If that didn't solve your problem, please feel free to contact our support team:

How do I change my email or password?

You can change your password by clicking on the Edit Profile option that appears when you click on the menu at the upper right of the screen, which has your name on it.
For now you can't change you email, but in the near future we will allow you to do so.

How can I hide part of my profile or delete my account?

You can customize your profile's permissions to decide which components are available to the Public, Your Friends, or Only You. To do so, click on the Edit Profile option that appears when you click on the menu at the upper right of the screen, which has your name on it.
To delete your account, please contact us.

Course Management

Can I delete a course on CoursePeer?

No, you can only unsubscribe from the course.

Can I decide what type of email notifications I receive from courses I am enrolled in?

Yes. Head to your course page, click the Settings tab in the toolbar. There, you will be able to disable/enable email notifications for that course.

How do I remove myself from a course on CoursePeer?

Go to Manage Courses which appears after clicking the Courses button at the upper right side of the page. Then, click the delete icon next to the course.

I would like to upload my syllabus as a file. How can I do that?

In addition to the tools that we provide for you to create a dynamic syllabus consisting of topics/modules in your course, we allow you to attach any type of file to your course directory, with the ability to set the permissions you want.

How do I use the topic/module creator in CoursePeer?

Go to one of the courses you are subscribed to as an instructor, and click on the Syllabus tab.

What does the word "Tag" mean?

A tag is a unique identifying keyword which describes a specific item (eg. a question, an answer or a post).

What is the difference between "Knowledge Tags" and "Course Tags"?

Knowledge Tags are general topic keywords that are available through various trusted knowledge sources. We have over 22 million of them in our database for you to use.
Course Tags are custom keywords that you can create while designing the course, and such tags are related to each topic you have created in your syllabus.
Tags are helpful to let your students identify the topics to which their contributions (eg. Posts, Questions, Answers, etc.) relate.

What is the maximum number of students I can enrol in my course?

There is no limit.

What is the "Feed"?

The Feed shows all of the activities a specific course or peer has over a period of time. Those activities are ordered by date and time (most recent at the top).

How can I filter the Feed items?

You can filter the feed by clicking the buttons that appear at the upper right of it.

How do I edit/delete a Post/Question/Answer?

Hover over the Post/Question/Answer: x and Edit icons will appear. Only the owner of an item or the course staff are allowed to edit or remove an item.

What is the "Quiz Bank"?

The Quiz Bank is where you can create pre-defined quizzes for use throughout CoursePeer. It allows you to create multiple choice questions (MCQs) and short answer questions (SAQs) and store them for future use.

How can I use the Quiz Bank questions in the LivePeer?

When you are in a LivePeer session of a certain course, click on the New SAQ or New MCQ button and then select from the drop down menu one of the pre-defined quizzes, then click Load. Once loaded, you will be able to edit the quiz before posting it. Do not forget to click the Create button at the very end of that page once the quiz is ready to go live.

How can I upload files, links or videos to my course directory?

By going to the desired Course Page and clicking on the Material tab. You can create your directories and subdirectories in that page and then add attachments to them.

Can I use the course attachments that I have added in my posts/questions/answers?


Can I hide or assign permissions to my course and its content?


What is Course Private?

Course Private means that the item you are posting is only visible to students officially enrolled in a class. Such items will not be visible to general course subscribers.
This feature enables instructors to decide which part of their course structure or content is made visible to students enrolled in the current class, while keeping other parts visible to the public.

What is LivePeer?

LivePeer is a real-time interaction utility through SMS and a web-connected console, for large classes and virtual office hours. It allows instructors to conduct in-classroom discussions using web-enabled devices or cellphones with SMS (TEXT) messaging plans. Currently, it supports Short Answer Questions (SAQ) and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).

What if my students don't have internet access? How can they interact on LivePeer?

LivePeer provides a phone number, that allows students to send TEXT(SMS) messages to subscribe to the session and start interacting and answering questions in real time.

Do I need to pay to use LivePeer?

No. LivePeer is totally free of charge! Confirmation messages incurred by the platform whenever students subscribe to the session or answer a live quiz should be paid by the student, by adding Premium Credits to their accounts. To do so, students should pay using Credit Card through the "Premium Features" option inside the platform. Also, students will need to pay their own SMS (TEXT) bills as they are not covered by CoursePeer Inc.

Is the LivePeer phone number dedicated to my course only?

No, LivePeer provides a unique session number when you start a session, which students subscribe to, using their SMS on their cell phones or via the web.

What is the maximum number of students that can go live on LivePeer?

There is no limit for the number of students. LivePeer has been tested with sessions of 2,000+ participants.